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Welcome to our Web Page.  Here you will find important information about our class and the great work we are doing this year.
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Ms. Wendy Otis
Welcome 4th grade class of 2017!

        I am so thrilled and excited to get this school year started!  We will be traveling through this new grade together and I am yearning to share new books AND writing pieces AND math concepts AND science content AND social studies content with you.  Together we will make this a year to remember!  I am grateful for the opportunity to share these experiences with each of you.
Ms. Otis

Don't forget to visit the school website where you can find many more great sites.....but here are some we found to be FABULOUS!

Web sites to help with class work or just for fun:

Social Studies-
** New Link Kids Geo
*Social Studies Region Practice- Play Kids Games
*Social Studies Region Practice- Shepard Software


Here is the food pyramid website..... check it out!
Check out the Eagle Web Cam!!!!!!!!!!!!
**Sound Instrument Websites-

**FACT POWER- Automaticity of basic facts is a fourth grade goal. We all know the saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it!"  Continue to challenge yourself to be automatic with all of your bsic facts- addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.  There are some great websites as well as aps that can help you practice in addition to the games listed below.
Games:Baseball Multiplication, Beat the Calculator, Division Arrays, Multiplication Bingo, Multiplication Top-It, for example

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